Highlights of the application:

 -       Touch interface.

 -        Multilingual (English, Spanish, Basque ...).

 -       Fast learning.

 -       Design adaptable and configurable.

 -      Traceability to the piece and to the box.


In the hospital and more specifically in the sterilization of surgical instruments, traceability and process control becomes crucial.

The main instrumental treatment problems come from bad traceability:

Identification of the part

No Control 


When and who


Draw the piece with box


Who owns the material?

Reception and washing

instrumental mix


No are the same parts


No relation between boxes with the same name


Boxes and unidentified pieces can be delivered in the wrong way

Patient History

No material record of the process



The sterilization of instruments is only guaranteed by monitoring controls (physical, chemical and biological) and by quality management of all processes, thus obtaining a total control program of sterilization.

Traceability allows us to achieve comprehensive control of the sterilization process in all its phases.

Purpose : Rebuilding the conditions under which the sterilization process took place.



Rosynet offers high quality tool for managing traceability: EsterilControl,which allows the following levels of traceability:

-    A case: to identify the boxes.

-    The instrumental: No box only identifies but also identifies the instrumental and loose material.

EsterilControl traceability is software that allows us to:

-    Identify products.

      • Coding boxes: box name and number identification.
      • Tagged: box name, number of parts, missing parts, delivery note collection, serial number, sterilization process, datamatrix, production date, expiry date ...
      • Coding the instrumental: datamatrix + alphanumeric labeling.

-    traceability Perform computer.

      • Dirty Zone: The control of the central sterilization and washing load control. Shows which washing machine is loaded instruments, what instrument is loaded, what time and by whom.
      • Clean Zone: Controlling material receiving washing, packaging and load control equipment sterilizers. Shown when assembly, which is mounted, who made the assembly, many parts are missing and if they are the same as the last time I rode, time of sterilization , method of sterilization ...
      • Sterile Zone: Control download and manage shipping the material.

-    Collect information sterilization process.

      • Process information is collected before, during and after.
      • Creating reports specific products or processes.


Besides the above, EsterilControl offers:

-  Security levels: each operator involved in the sterilization process has some privileges assigned. Only the most privileged users can access the query / modification of data, invalidate cycles ...

-    updated database of instruments.

-    Record the contents of the boxes.

-    Record of incidents.

The implementation of EsterilControl offers many advantages, both for the staff of the central sterilization as for health workers and management:

-    process control and inventory management.

-    Quality assurance and product certification.

-    Management of incidents, facilitating the localization and effective and selective removal of medical devices.


New headquarters

Rosynet is celebrating!

We just opened new office in Estepona (Málaga), equipped with the latest technology and comfort where we can serve our customers in person or remotely, as we offer a meeting room with video conferencing.

Our offices are located in a privileged place in the expansion area of Estepona, 10 minutes from downtown with easy access and parking.

We will be available from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm uninterruptedly.


RFID Technology

In order to maintain a proper products traceability is necessary to identify them correctly.

The two technologies used for product identification are:   

  • Barcodes.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Rosynet incorporates both types of identification in their software. The most innovative of the two is RFID as dramatically streamlines data collection in the business model.

Both forms of identification products are tightly integrated with our software, allowing you to take either or both in your business model, to get the necessary traceability.

The following diagram shows a simple example of the industrial process that our software manages:


Traceability System

Traceability: A set of procedures that provide insight into the history, location and trajectory of a product along a supply chain, at a given time.

The traceability of a product provides valuable information on the internal processes of the company:

  • How to handle the product.
  • Product composition.
  • Equipment used for processing.
  • etc. 

The traceability improves the production model:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Low cost.
  • Fail-Best customer service.

Where traceability infrastructure relies on ICT (Information and Comunication technologies) also get the following benefits:

  • Efficient management of logistics/supply.
  • An increase in productivity.

All this affects the QUALITY of the product and the QUALITY of service provided to customers, hence the importance of implementing a traceability system suitable to the business model. best odds.

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