Mobile Development



Rosynet  Rosynet has launched an Android version of the application RopaForma. This version allows plant operators can work with the application through Android devices and PDAs.



This new application is a step forward in Rosynet commitment to adapt new technologies to their products, facilitating the work of the workers at the plants and improving the quality of service provided to customers.


Working devices including a synchronized manner, ensuring consistency of data that is processed by both the application and by the operators.


The use of devices such as Tablet PCs and PDAs allows plant operators greater mobility, avoiding remain in a fixed position and allowing them to use the application at all times when needed. This results in greater productivity and process control, along with an improvement of traceability.


Why prefer the Tablet-PCs compared to other devices? It is not a matter of fashion, but actually represent a good alternative for the user compared to other conventional devices like PCs or laptops. The most significant advantages are:

  • Mobility: The tablets offer greater mobility than traditional devices such as laptops and thin that they are, as close to the mobility of a Tablet-PCs are Ultrabooks, ultra-thin laptops and ultra light.
  • Functionality: The Tablet-PCs we provide the same functionality as a smartphone, but on a much larger screen, which is more versatile.
  • Comfort: A notebook or ultrabook should not be placed on any surface, it may overheat and prevent ventilation. By contrast the Tablet-PCs can take them up the legs without a problem and can perform tasks as complex as a smartphone, but again, on a larger screen is more comfortable to the eye.
  • Battery: With regard to the length and weight of the batteries, the Tablet-PCs are very different from other "mobile devices" since in cases of continuous work, can last 12 hours or more, before thinking of joining them.
  • Versatility: There are different sizes of Tablet PCs, ranging from 7 inches to 10 inches. This not only allows for greater overall comfort, but also enable to perform tasks that would be made both on a Smartphone as a laptop.

All these features are what have led to Rosynet to release a version of RopaForma Tablet-PC



New headquarters

Rosynet is celebrating!

We just opened new office in Estepona (Málaga), equipped with the latest technology and comfort where we can serve our customers in person or remotely, as we offer a meeting room with video conferencing.

Our offices are located in a privileged place in the expansion area of Estepona, 10 minutes from downtown with easy access and parking.

We will be available from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm uninterruptedly.


RFID Technology

In order to maintain a proper products traceability is necessary to identify them correctly.

The two technologies used for product identification are:   

  • Barcodes.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Rosynet incorporates both types of identification in their software. The most innovative of the two is RFID as dramatically streamlines data collection in the business model.

Both forms of identification products are tightly integrated with our software, allowing you to take either or both in your business model, to get the necessary traceability.

The following diagram shows a simple example of the industrial process that our software manages:


Traceability System

Traceability: A set of procedures that provide insight into the history, location and trajectory of a product along a supply chain, at a given time.

The traceability of a product provides valuable information on the internal processes of the company:

  • How to handle the product.
  • Product composition.
  • Equipment used for processing.
  • etc. 

The traceability improves the production model:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Low cost.
  • Fail-Best customer service.

Where traceability infrastructure relies on ICT (Information and Comunication technologies) also get the following benefits:

  • Efficient management of logistics/supply.
  • An increase in productivity.

All this affects the QUALITY of the product and the QUALITY of service provided to customers, hence the importance of implementing a traceability system suitable to the business model. best odds.

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